How to Energise Your Body Naturally


Staying energetic and focused has gotten more important than ever, and we often find ourselves running out of fuel, dying to get a break. Sleep is never a viable option with so many tasks to complete. Tiredness further results in mental incompetency, and the mind simply refuses to persevere. It gets increasingly difficult to concentrate and focus in work, and we tend to give up. We also begin to doubt our health and worry about it. And finally, we jump to the conclusion that it’s impossible to get the job done, and that it won’t work out for us.


Energizing the body is essential to carrying on with our day-to-day lives filled with chores. Even though many cases of weakness and lack of energy result from low hemoglobin in the blood, lack of essential minerals, and even sleeplessness, psychological and external factors also come into play. Here are some natural ways to energize the body and mind, and stay focused throughout the day.


A human body can acquire the required amount of energy only through a balanced diet. Period. Consuming grains along with the husk and taking fish daily will help. Milk and foods with milk as an ingredient, and soya bean provide lots of energy.


Women require a minimum of 300 milligrams and men about 350 milligrams of magnesium in their diets. Cashews are a rich source of magnesium and are ideal to be taken daily.


Find time to walk at least for 10 minutes daily, preferably in the open. The energy earned by walking out in fresh air can last up to 2 hours. If the office and store are close by, try walking. And the next time, avoid the lift and go for the stairs.


The habit of avoiding meals reduces energy and stamina to a great extent. Those who run to work without having breakfast wear out quickly. Taking breakfast in time is essential to stay energetic throughout the day.


Dehydration, even to a small extent, can cause tiredness and exhaustion. It is essential to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking juices with natural sugar content, such as those of orange, lemon and grape, will instantly energize the body.


Using sugar increases the sugar content in the blood and results in weariness. Avoid sweet foods as much as possible. Try using cane sugar instead of normal sugar. Also, consuming whole grains along with the husk help in the formation of insulin.


While having snacks during breaks, try out those with high calories. High protein and fibrous foods help in building stamina.


Stress arising from excess tension can also result in the loss of energy. Excess anger has similar effects. The practice of Yoga can help in reducing stress and providing peace to the mind, which in turn helps to conserve energy.


Weakness can also arise from anaemia, due to the deficiency of Iron, and from goiter, due to the deficiency of Iodine. Include seafoods and leafy vegetables in the diet to prevent such problems.


If the exhaustion and tiredness prevails even after the changes in diet, eating habits and lifestyle, get in touch with a physician. 


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