Foods that can make your body feel sluggish 


Are you feeling tired all the time?


If you feel weary after eating, the chances are that you have consumed food that contains high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates or fat. These can make you sluggish and tired, which is why it is best to eat them as part of a balanced diet in moderation. It can also help to consume them when you have a chance to unwind and enjoy relaxing, rather than when you need to be energetic.



Sugary foods deplete you of energy. Ice cream, chocolate, candies and cakes tend to have a high sugar content and can leave you feeling drowsy after you have eaten them. The refined sugar they contain will make your blood sugar levels soar, and then your system will be flooded with insulin followed by tryptophan. Although tryptophan will help make you feel good it will soon turn into serotonin, which will send you the signal to slow down and relax. If you do not want to feel sluggish, avoid sugar-laden food.



Carbohydrates can be found in white food such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. They can make you tired because they trigger the release of glucose into your system quickly after you have eaten them, and are known as high glycemic index foods. If you want to avoid feeling sluggish, replace white foods with alternative brown varieties, such as brown rice, brown bread and brown pasta.



Fatty food, like fried chips and snacks, is hard for your body to digest. If you eat meat with a high fat content or a cheese topped pizza you are likely to lack energy as a result. Stay clear of fatty food if you do not want to lose your get up and go.


Magnesium, melatonin and tryptophan

Not only sugary food triggers tryptophan to circulate in your system. Foods such as turkey, hummus, tofu and cottage cheese contain it too, and these can make you feel sleepy. Tryptophan is not bad for you. In fact, it is sometimes recommended as a way of helping relieve depression. However, be aware that it can lead to a sluggish feeling, even if it makes you feel happy at the same time.


Foods that contain magnesium can also make you tired. Green leafy vegetables, pumpkins seeds, bananas and halibut, while being good for you are likely to make you sluggish. They are often recommended as suitable foods for people with insomnia, as they help them sleep better.


Likewise, foods, which contain melatonin, like tart cherries, can make you sleepy, as can red wine. Other drinks that can make you tired if over consumed are those that contain caffeine, such as coffee and soda.


Avoiding eating foods, which contain carbohydrates, fat and sugar when you need energy can help you stay alert and feeling fresh. Save such foods for when you have plenty of time and the inclination to rest.



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