Toxic Free Journey

This is my personal story that lead me to my mission to create healthy families and safe homes and is why Yes Natural was launched and why I began my career path as a Naturopath /Nutritionist. 5 1/2 years ago when I fell pregnant with my 1st child, I discovered how toxins in our food, personal care products & homes can harm our bodies by creating illnesses and diseases. My home was crystal clean and shinning and all ready for the arrival of our 1st child when I discovered our home was actually in fact a home full of toxins, in every room of the house including, the room I was going to bring my newborn baby home too. I then started my toxic free journey which still continues today. No, it didn’t happen over night and not even before my 1st child was born but my natural healthy journey did begin in the right direction and 5 years later still learning everyday and I always have room for improvement. I made changes to my home and the way I live and eat. My health and energy levels have returned and I feel the best I have ever felt. I want to help you to create a non-toxic home environment that is safe and help get your health back. I want to help you discover the toxins in your home and help you remove and replace them with safe alternatives in a cost effective way. It doesn't happen over night and does take time but together we can make homes safer. 

I always thought a clean home was a healthy home but I was very wrong. I found the best way to start a toxic free journey is to start with one cupboard or room at a time. I started with my cleaning products, I opened the cupboard to reveal a host of chemicals in every cleaning product I used everyday. I then got a empty bin and threw all my cleaning products out. The result was I was left with a full bin and a empty cupboard! Yay, no cleaning ever again, not exactly it just meant I had to get shopping. I then shopped for natural alternatives and the benefits was not only toxic safe cleaning products but I found they worked better, they smelt lovely and natural and they lasted a lot longer. I also started making my own natural cleaning products which smelt great and saved me money. The greatest benefit of all was I felt great! I got horrible headaches when cleaning my shower with exit mould and the list goes on. I always thought cleaning made me so exhausted and left me feeling terrible but I soon discovered it wasn’t actually how hard I worked that left me feeling that way, it was the toxic chemicals I was breathing in. 

I then improved our indoor air quality. I actually opened the windows which I didn’t often do, this became my morning motivator, open the blinds and windows and let the fresh air in! As simple as it sounds with a/c these days we often don’t get to let fresh air in. 

I then looked at our electric appliances and how they were affecting the quality of air in our home. I then made a habit to turn the unused electrical appliances off. After turning of unused appliances I then discovered there was still so many appliances that had to be on all the time and that we used on a regular basis. I then decided to go purchase a Salt lamp which greatly improved the atmosphere of the home and provided multiple health benefits. I noticed I no longer had headaches, relieved depression, I slept better and more energy and motivation.


To be continued... Next chapter on toxic free journey coming soon.


Wishing you a happy healthy day. 


Love Casey X